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Company Profile

Company Name: DESCO Co., Ltd.
Address: Head Office and Manufacturing Facility
1383-1, Higashi Naganuma, Inagi-shi, Tokyo 206-0802, Japan
Hiroshima Sales Office
Nutanishichosojo, Mihara-shi, Hiroshima-ken, 729-0474, Japan
Nara Forestry Business Office
Washiya, Ooaza, Higashiyoshino-mura, Yoshino-gun, Nara-ken, Japan
TEL: +81-42-379-8080
FAX: +81-42-377-7501
President: Toshio Takahashi
Capital: 100 million yen.
Established: NOV 2 1987
Licenses and Permits:
  • Second-hand Dealer Permit, Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission, No. 308781706855
  • Second-hand Dealer Permit, Hiroshima Prefectural Public Safety Commission No. 731211700046
  • License for industrial waste collection conveyancer, Tokyo, No. 13-00-211647
Products and Services:
  1. Sale/purchase and import/export businesses for the following items
    1. Wires, cables, and their parts for electrical, electronic, and communication equipment, automatic voltage regulators, and power supply equipment
    2. Machinery and equipment, tools, vehicles, delivery equipment, ships and boats, aircraft, and their parts and accessories
    3. Building materials and related products
    4. Ceramic raw materials, ceramics, and related products, rubber, leather, fur, pulp, paper, newspapers, magazines, and other everyday household goods
    5. Industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, agrichemicals, cosmetics, dyes, gases, radioisotopes, and other chemical products and materials
    6. Fibrous raw materials and threads, fabrics, textiles, interior design products, and other fiber products
    7. Works of art, antiques
    8. Coal, petroleum, natural gas, and other fuel and petroleum products
  2. Processing and repair, maintenance, control, testing, installation, and technological services for the items in the previous section
  3. Manufacturing of items in section 1 except for those in 7 and 8
  4. Management, sale, and purchase of forest land
  5. Production, processing, and sale and purchase of lumber and lumber products and other forest products
  6. Transportation businesses and freight brokerage services
  7. Architecture, landscaping, civil engineering design, construction, management, and subcontracting
  8. Piping work business
  9. Antiques sales and purchasing business
  10. Software authoring, telecommunications, broadcasting, information processing services, and information provider services
  11. Industrial property rights, copyrights, and other intangible property rights, knowledge bases, system engineering, and their software development, acquisition, use, maintenance, agency services, and related businesses
  12. Any other businesses ancillary to or related to the above items
Business Philosophy:
  • Through providing our services, DESCO aims to contribute to society by protecting environmental resources to support the formation of a recycling society.
  • Taking part in realizing more stable operation of systems that support social lifeline such as the energy industry and transportation, we also aim to contribute to society by aiding in the improvement of the systems’ reliability through continuous efforts to improve our technology, quality and delivery time.
  • We will make efforts to contribute to the stabilization and development of society and communities.
Environmental Policy:

With the objective of contributing to the realization of a recycling society where the environment is protected and less amounts of resources are used, DESCO will continuously pursue and improve its corporate activities.

  1. In corporate activities, we continuously implement measures to prevent environmental pollution and to reduce environmental load.
  2. While strictly following related laws and regulations, we voluntarily engage in corporate activities that are pro-environment.
  3. In the manufacturing and repair processes, we make efforts to reduce environmental load by cutting down on energy consumption and waste.
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