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Support Service for Power Supply Units and Related Equipment

We accept all power supply units manufactured within and outside Japan, regardless of the size.
We work on a wide range of power supply units from the general ones to AC AVRs, inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to CVCS units.
Both send-back and on-site options are available for our support service.

  • Repair, inspection, cleaning, and preventative maintenance of DC/AC power supply units
  • Diagnosis, evaluation tests, and failure investigation of DC/AC power supply units
  • General technical consultant service for various power supply units
  • Repair and preventative maintenance of data transmission devices, measurement devices and various CRT devices

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Support Service for Control Boards

By providing comprehensive support for various control boards, we enable recycling and extended product life.

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Execution Management System for On-site Construction

At DESCO, we adopt the following management systems for installation and adjustment projects.

  • Construction management system   
    Client representative – Client’s agent – Personnel in charge of environmental protection – Senior engineer or Supervising engineer – Personnel in charge of disaster prevention
  • Emergency contact system
    Prime contractor (DESCO) – Police – Coast guard office – Labor standards inspection office – Hospital – Public health and welfare center
  • Execution, environment, and safety measure plans
  • Personal information protection and management system
  • Machinery management system
  • Radiation protection system
  • Education and training system

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Development and Manufacturing of Various Customized Power Supply Units

We undertake designing and manufacturing of various power supply units on commission.

  • Power supply units with special specifications and small production volume
  • Commissioned project to create designs only
  • Designing and manufacturing of power supply units interchangeable with discontinued or foreign units

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Commissioned project for systems development and manufacturing

We perform design and development as well as manufacturing of various systems.

  • Solar power generation system
  • Wind power generation system
  • Traffic management system

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Various power supply units, UPS units, fans, batteries, and other maintenance parts such as electrolytic capacitors

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