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Overhaul Service for Power Supply Units (Consumable Parts Replacement)


  1. Our measures to extend product life reduce system maintenance cost.
  2. We accept products which have been declared non-repairable by the original manufacturer.
  3. We perform failure analysis to determine the right measures against defects.
  4. We accept products “regardless of the manufacturer”, including those manufactured outside Japan.
  5. We perform on-site repairs as well as post-repair installation and adjustment on request.
  6. We can also perform remaining product life estimation.
  7. The warranty period after overhaul is at least 1 year.

Serviceable Type

Switching power supply, UPS, dropper power supply, AVR, CVCF, inverter
Other all types of DC/AC power supply devices

Replacement parts

Our replacement designs use mountable long-lasting parts available in the market.
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, relays, fuses, batteries and other consumable parts


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Designing and Manufacturing of Customized Power Supply Units


  1. We design and manufacture customized power supply units with small lot sizes.
  2. We have experience in manufacturing combined/multi-output power supply units with embedded control systems.
  • Voltage generators for solar and wind power generation
  • Laser power supply units with IGBT control, etc.
  • Power supply units for control in the energy industry such as electric power


  1. DC switching power supply, inverter, UPS, DC/AC, and so on
  2. Protection function: overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, parallel, sequence, and so on

Standard Turnaround Time

  1. New manufacturing: 2.5 to 3 months from start to delivery
  2. Already designed product: 1.5 to 2 months from start to delivery

Development Flow

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Product Example – Flashlamp Power Supply Unit for YAG Lasers


  • Use of IGBT controls the driving voltage of the flashlamp with high accuracy
  • Computerized control of various factors such as the flashlamp voltage is possible
  • Quiet operation sound
  • High-efficiency power supply
  • Small-sized, highly reliable design
  • Operates on commercial AC 100 V input
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OCTD Testing Equipment

The OCTD testing equipment is equipment that singly conducts testing and inspection of overcurrent tripping devices that control the overcurrent breaker in electrical circuits.The OCTD testing equipment is portable and hence convenient for regular inspection and maintenance of OCTDs, and it operates on commercial AC 100 V input.


  • Singly conducts testing of OCTDs
  • Generates testing voltages including overcurrent conditions with high accuracy
  • Accurately measures the tripping time regardless of its length
  • Has a break function that can temporarily stop the test
  • Has various fail-safe mechanisms to ensure the protection of the OCTD being tested

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Touch-Panel to Mouse Converter MPI-K12A

The touch-panel to mouse converter is equipment that converts signals to enable the replacement of touch input from the existing touch-panel monitor with mouse input. It is a labor-saving, high-accuracy converter that allows precise operation from a distance and eliminates fatigue of touch operation.


  • The existing touch-panel monitor can be replaced with a normal monitor
  • Signal cables from existing touch-panel monitor are used without replacement
  • The generation of touch signals is replaced by a mouse

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